Yash Rastogi
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Data Visualization, UI/UX Design | 2017

Didactics is a publication created by Chicago screen printing duo — Sonnenzimmer. It is a combination of two of their previous books — Warp and Weft & Formal Additive Programs. It highlights their process and method of creating screen printed posters. 

Didactics by Sonnenzimmer is a Digital Publication of the book translated into an interactive tablet experience. 

The goal was to explore the device's capabilities in order to translate a print experience into the mobile format, while still giving the center stage to the artists' work.

This project was made in collaboration with Ravee Deshpande and Dani Reis.

The Challenge

The main challenge of this project was to translate hand made, silk-screened posters to be viewed on a screen. 

How can a process, that is rooted in physical making be shown on a screen that is devoid of texture and depth of layers? How can the screen make up for the lack of tactility of the medium itself? 

The Book

Didactics by Sonnenzimmer is a collection of two former publications, Warp and Weft: Poster Construction (2012) and Formal Additive Programs (2010) combined anew. With this publication, Sonnenzimmer open a window into their creative process, while expanding the canon of compositional practice related to art and design. The book contends the duality of improvisation and formulated outcomes while striving for the poetic and pragmatic in their approach to the visual field.

The App

The Exercise Section

Each poster in Warp and Weft comes with a set of guided exercises that Sonnenzimmer used as a guiding tool to create their posters. These exercises actually encourage the consumers to create their own work using Sonnenzimmers framework. 

The Project Information

This section is Sonnenzimmer’s analysis of their clients and their needs. Oftentimes their clients creative background informs their own making. This section also goes into more detail about their creative influences and how it influences their composition.  

The User